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Choose from dozens of experienced primary care providers. Offering quick, quality, seamless care — just for you.

Witham Health Services
Witham Health Services

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Offering quick, quality, seamless care — just for you.

From pediatrics to family medicine to advanced specialty care and emergency services, Witham offers you and your family a full spectrum of quality healthcare like no other.

Witham Health Services

Dr. Green takes the time to know us.

For Tim and Katie G., it's important to have a doctor like Witham's Christopher Green, MD, who listens and asks questions. "He takes the time to know us as individuals and explains all the options," says Katie.

For quality, personalized care and primary care doctors who listen to you, choose Witham.

Tim & Katie
Witham Health Services

Dr. Riggins knows the boys and listens.

Busy moms need doctors who listen and respond — like Dr. Anthony Boudreau, Dr. Candy Riggins, and the Sports Medicine specialists at Witham Orthopaedics. "They've been there for my active family," says Becky S.

For quality, responsive care and doctors who know you like they know Becky's family, choose Witham.

John & Becky and Sons
Witham Health Services

All my doctors are very caring and accessible.

When Mary Pat S. needed a specialty referral, she found help through her family doctor, Dr. Emma Nordstrom. "I'm so impressed with Witham and the specialists associated with Witham," says Mary Pat.

For quality, personalized care and a single source for all your healthcare needs, choose Witham.

Mary Pat
Witham Health Services

Vincent smiles when his pediatrician walks in.

Little Vincent C. knows a great pediatrician when he sees one. So does his mom Krista, who credits Witham Pediatrics for her son's good health. “They genuinly care about his well-being.” says Krista.

For quality, personalized care and primary care doctors who can make you smile, choose Witham.

Krista & Vincent

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Choose from dozens of experienced primary care providers.







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At Witham, we always ask one important question.

What matters to you? It's the question we pose to everyone who comes through our doors. You see, at Witham, we believe that when patients are involved in their healthcare decisions, it leads to better outcomes. So we ask not just how you're feeling, but how you want to be treated. What can we do to make your healthcare journey better? Because no matter why you're here or which providers you're seeing, the answer is always the same: What matters to you, matters to Witham.

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What our patients say

Simply the best. Staff and doctors make you feel like you are their only patient.

Family Medicine of Thorntown

Very friendly, diagnosed me and sent my prescription for pick up immediately. I was in and out within 45 minutes. Awesome 👏🏾

Anson Convenient Care & Family Medicine

My husband and I have both been seeing Dr. Cloud for more than 5 years and we are always impressed with his thoroughness and professionalism.  He has worked hard with me to track down the source of problems and he listens to my thoughts.

Dr. Cloud

Dr. Nordstorm and staff are knowledgeable, kind, and professional. We couldn't be happier.

Dr. Nordstorm